Asset Management Advisory

In an environment of constant change and uncertainty, investors need an adviser who stays ahead of the curve, providing answers before questions even arise. Our asset management experts accompany sponsors and investors from start to finish with made-to-measure advice and an integrated approach combining tax, regulatory, corporate and compliance services seamlessly in order to find the best fit for each client.

After in-depth structure analysis, we concentrate on finding practical solutions. With an eye for detail, we never lose sight of the big picture, understanding and considering client’s unique long-term objectives, philosophy and concerns.

We provide a wide range of services to private and institutional investors, investing in PE/RE funds, hedge funds, debt funds, infrastructure funds and funds of funds:

  • Fund and fund managers (AIFM, ManCos and MiFID investment firms) set-up and structuring
  • Fund reviews, due diligence and assistance in negotiations on behalf of investors
  • Ongoing regulatory duties, marketing compliance and regulatory watch services (AIFMD, MiFIDII, PRIIPs, etc.)
  • Exit and restructuring
  • Change management for fund managers

In addition to Asset Management Advisory, we also offer a Regulatory Watch service which filters out the noise to deliver relevant information to board members and investors, an AIFM Marketing Tool and a dedicated PRIIPs Solution for retail investors who need to create and make available a KID.