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  • Mailing address: 1B rue Heienhaff, L-1736 Senningerberg – BP 2071, L-1020 Luxembourg
  • Establishement year : 2004
  • National VAT Number : 20042209164
  • International VAT Number : LU20139476
  • Trade register Number : B101128
  • Number of employees : 75
  • Capital : 300 000 €

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1 B Heienhaff
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Sending information or material of any nature to ATOZ, will give us the right to use, to reproduce, to amend, to transmit and to distribute such information or material unless otherwise specifically indicated by the sender, in which case we shall reserve the right to refuse such information or material. Unless otherwise specifically indicated by the sender, ATOZ will have the right to freely use any idea, concept, know-how or technique that it can obtain from such information or material sent for any purpose, and no right can be claimed by the sender or by third parties on the free usage of such information or material from ATOZ.

Every CV or application form sent to ATOZ Human Resources department will be kept for 1 year.


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ATOZ does not systematically check the content of its linked sites. ATOZ is not responsible for the content presented on other Internet sites, neither for their lawfulness nor for the accuracy of the information contained therein.


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Further to the law on private data protection, you are allowed to access, modify or to oppose yourself to any processing or your Data. To use that right, you may contact ATOZ per e-mail at the following address: info [at] atoz [dot] lu


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