A series of afternoon workshops, in partnership with Legitech

Legitech Workshop Series

During the month of May, Oliver R. Hoor, in partnership with Legitech, will be hosting three training workshops covering various topics as detailed below.


  • 6 May, 2PM – 5PM CET: Structuring Alternative Investments (Private Equity, Real Estate, etc.) in the post-BEPS era

This is the first of three workshops on “Structuring of Alternative Investments (Private Equity, Real Estate, etc.) in the post-BEPS Era” which focuses on the impact of different BEPS measures, the European Anti-Tax Avoidance Directives (ATAD/ATAD 2) and related Luxembourg tax law changes on contemporary investment structures.

This workshop will be co-hosted by Fanny Bueb, Director – International and Corporate Tax.

Full overview and registration here.


  • 12 May, 2PM – 5PM CET: Substance Requirements

This workshop aims to provide an understanding of the concept of substance in international taxation, but also to give a clear overview as to why substance is required (from a Luxembourg, foreign, treaty and transfer pricing perspective).

Full overview and registration here.


  • 20 May, 2PM – 5PM CET: Transfer Pricing and Related Documentation Requirements

During this workshop, an overview of the Luxembourg transfer pricing environment as well as the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines and the new guidance introduced under the OECD BEPS project will be discussed. The aim is also to provide a better understanding of the Luxembourg transfer pricing rules and practices, including the new circular on the transfer pricing treatment of financing activities (circular L.I.R. 56/1 and 56bis/1 published on 27 December 2016), to understand the impact of the transfer pricing rules on the tax positions of Luxembourg companies and to understand the importance of transfer pricing documentation in the risk management strategy of a company.

Full overview and registration here.


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