United for excellence - ATOZ and the Choeur de Chambre de Luxembourg sign a long-term partnership


What could be more beautiful, what could be more noble and at the same time as indispensable as, in a world plunged into routine, cultivating, through music, this dimension that inhabits us all and makes us whole? Sharing the same conviction that, through art, the soul breathes its infinity, we can say that we have searched and found ourselves.

Radiating the same liveliness, innovation and flexibility of mind, the same professionalism and the search for excellence, ATOZ Tax Advisers and the Choeur de Chambre de Luxembourg (“CCL”) have worked together regularly since 2017, a collaboration that has been materialised through several artistic projects. The Choeur de Chambre de Luxembourg feels particularly honoured to have a partner who follows in its footsteps and watches over its growth and development by its side. It is indeed in this "benevolence" that the term "sponsorship" finds its full meaning.

To continue this partnership, ATOZ and CCL have signed an agreement which will result in the realisation of several prestigious concerts at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, the production of several CDs amongst other artistic activities. The first event of this series is planned for 22 May 2020 with a particularly attractive concert: Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and Maurice Ravel's Bolero at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, with 200 musicians on stage and under the direction of Antonio Grosu, musical director of the CCL.

The signatories, Mr Fatah Boudjelida (ATOZ Tax Advisers) and Mrs Stéphanie Brinck (CCL), are both proud of the contribution that this collaboration is making to the cultural landscape of Luxembourg and of the scale of these projects on national and international levels.

Mr Fatah Boudjelida said: "The collaboration between ATOZ and the Choeur de Chambre de Luxembourg started in 2017 and was brought to light in 2019 during the concert organised in honour of our 15th anniversary. Our friends, partners and clients applauded these events of excellence which contribute to the promotion of the artistic and musical scene that Luxembourg offers. I look forward to seeing what we will accomplish with the CCL over the next five years.”

Press contact: Holly Whatling, Marketing Director, +352 26 940 916, holly.whatling@atoz.lu