Norbert Becker


Norbert is involved as investor, manager or independent director in various regulated and unregulated entities.

Norbert started his career with the Financial Services Regulators in Luxembourg in 1974 where he was in charge of the regulatory supervision of financial institutions. In 1978, he worked as an auditor at Price Waterhouse in Frankfurt. In 1979, he opened the Arthur Andersen office in Luxembourg, which counted over 800 employees when he was appointed in 1994 member of the European Operating Committee and served as Regional Managing Partner, in charge of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, India and the Middle East, based in London. In 1998, he was appointed Global Managing Partner of Finance, Administration and Infrastructure of the Global Firm and moved to New York. In 2002, he managed the merger of over 50 non-US Andersen member firms into Ernst & Young and became subsequently global CFO and member of the global board.

In 2004, he returned to Luxembourg and started various new business ventures including ATOZ, a tax advisory firm and Compagnie de Banque Privée, a bank fully dedicated to wealth management. Norbert served as well as chairman of Mangrove Capital Partners, a venture capital firm, and was on the board of Skype.

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