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The airline world has been experiencing an almost unprecedented period of uncertainty. Airlines, lessors, lenders and investors face continuous challenges, whether it is while coping with a difficult market, while looking for the best possible financing, while considering to restructure an existing fleet, while validating their business model or while intending to get a solid grip on their risks.


“Climate change is destroying our path to sustainability. Ours is a world of looming challenges and increasingly limited resources. Sustainable development offers the best chance to adjust our course.”

Ban Ki-Moon



At ATOZ Aviation Finance we structure and source financings for aircraft and engines through a wide variety of innovative and efficient methods and different investor types. We have experience in preparing, placing and managing large fleet orders. Clients also benefit from the team’s expertise when it comes to M&A activities and airline business modelling. Over the years, our team members have developed cash optimisation tools and risk management strategies for fuel, currencies and interest rates in order to eliminate or significantly reduce financial risks within an airline.

In summary, our solutions proposed to airlines, lessors and other financial institutions consist in:



Structuring and sourcing of competitive funding, management of RFP processes. 


Mergers and acquisitions advisory, financial modelling and business planning, profitability studies.



Green financing and green solutions.


Fleet planning, performance studies and contract negotiations for aircraft and engine purchases, sales and leasing.


Clients can let themselves be guided by a proven team with professionals having held senior management positions at some of the world’s major airlines, both commercial and business. 



We put emphasis on gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and providing continuous guidance during the entire business process. From the ordering of aircraft until such aircraft leave the fleet, or for specific milestones within this cycle, our team understands how to make each project a success.


Yves Germeaux
Yves Germeaux

Head of Corporate Finance and Aviation Finance

Birgit Nischler
Birgit Nischler



Alessio Colombo
Alessio Colombo