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Luxembourg is a major financial centre (the second largest worldwide after the United States) with a large banking and fund industry and a prime location for the structuring of cross-border investment and business activities.

Luxembourg offers all types of firms a central location as well as an efficient, flexible and stable legal, regulatory and tax environment.

Investments and business activities may either be structured through unregulated vehicles (e.g. Luxembourg company or Luxembourg partnership, Securitization Vehicle, Family Wealth Management Vehicle), regulated vehicles (e.g. Specialised Investment Fund, Investment Company in Risk Capital) or a combination of both.

The choice of a vehicle will depend on:

  • The activities performed or investments made
  • The type of funding that needs to be raised
  • The profile of the shareholders or investors
  • Any specific legal, regulatory or tax considerations

Transactions by Spanish and Latin American companies represent a large part of the business activities in Luxembourg.

In order to respond to an increasing demand by Spanish and Latin American-speaking clients for Luxembourg and international corporate and tax advices, we have established the Spain and Latin America Desk, headed by Nicolas Cuisset (Partner) who's fluent in Spanish.

Our Spain & Latin America Desk is composed of a team of Spanish-speaking corporate and tax advisers with knowledge, cultural background and experience in Luxembourg, Hispanic and international corporate and tax laws

Nicolas_Cuisset_ProfileNicolas Cuisset
Partner - Head of Spain & Latin America Desk


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