TAXAND Economic Employer Survey 2024

Taxand's latest Economic Employer Survey 2024 is out now!

This survey on the “Economic Employer” is a concept used in many countries to define an individual’s true “employer” for tax purposes, regardless of who the formal employer is from a non-tax perspective.

International experts have completed a survey outlining their experience of the approach of tax administrations across the globe, each country providing quick reference responses that provide you with a guide to the initial questions employers with an internationally mobile workforce should consider.

With cross-border opportunities continuing to drive the globalisation of teams, Taxand offers a guide as a resource for employers with personnel operating across multiple jurisdictions.

At a company level, the key to a compliant process remains in forward planning. This requires competent, specific tax advice and in the first instance an awareness by employers of the potential pitfalls provoking questions.  

Be sure, in particular, to read the Luxembourg-specific contributions put together by our International & Corporate Tax Partners, Petya Dimitrova and Antoine Dupuis.

Read the full survey results directly on the Taxand website.

Taxand Global Economic Survey 2024