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Luxembourg has crafted a unique position for itself in international business. The tax system reflects the openness of the economy and willingness to act as a platform for international trade and finance.

Soparfi, SICAV, SICAR, SCSp, FCP, SA, Sàrl, securitisation vehicle,etc. It’s true that the acronyms alone can be bewildering.

We pride ourselves in assisting clients in structuring their business in a manner that minimises their overall tax bill and fulfilling their compliance requirements while reaching their business goals.

We don’t do tax planning in a vacuum. We work to gain an understanding of the business and any operational limits. We then advise on tax structures that are consistent with their business objectives and are realistic in a client’s operational environment. We commit to getting involved in the implementation and maintenance to ensure that great plans lead to great results.

Our International Tax experts advise on areas including:

  • Investment funds and investment partnerships
  • Real estate investment
  • Private equity investment
  • Transfer pricing
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Holding and financing structures
  • Substance requirements
  • Intellectual property and royalty planning

Business decisions or transactions often have unintended tax consequences for clients and their companies. The Corporate Tax professionals of ATOZ provide domestic and international companies with a wide range of customised tax services that are designed to identify and mitigate the tax risks and capitalise on the opportunities which are inherent in the current complex business world.

To this effect, our Corporate Tax professionals offer the following core services:

  • Design and implementation of appropriate tax structures
  • Assistance during corporate reorganisations
  • Merger, demerger, sale, acquisition or disposition
  • Advice on how to take full advantage of tax incentives
  • Review of current tax situation to identify tax savings as well as computing the annual tax provision
  • Preparation of the necessary tax returns
  • Tax due diligence


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